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Estin & the 86'd

It's hard to set yourself apart from the pack, but Estin & the 86'd make a damn good argument for it. Based out of Greeley, CO the band got together in late 2018 with aspirations of hitting "the big stage." Since founding the 86'd has put out a full length album 'Long Live the River' and a 3 singles 'Half a Bottle', 'Rue the Day', and 'Red Dog'

Each song is an "in your face" blend of country and rock n' roll. BandWagon Magazine describes it as, "an ode to classic southern rock filled with pure, unadulterated attitude."

Estin & the 86'd has opened for National acts and names such as: Jerrod Niemann, Read Southall, Josh Ward, Kody West, and Kolby Cooper.


"Long Live the River kicks off with “Third Street,” an ode to classic southern rock filled with pure, unadulterated attitude."
- Bandwagon Magazine

Heres a quick link to everything Estin & the 86'd

“Long Live the River, released on August 14th, is absolutely brilliant." - Country Music France’s Top 30

'Long Live the River' has over 100,000 streams on Spotify
Available on all major streaming platforms


Members of the band


Estin McGraw

Lead Vocal

Raised on country music, fell in love with Rock N' Roll after hearing Def Leppard's Hysteria record in the 8th grade. Vocals better than Brennan Huff.

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Josh Romero

Lead Guitar

Heavy metal head at heart, destined to be a rock star : Absolute UNIT on the guitar.


Tannen Brand


Born to play in a Punk band, settled for The 86'd. Kickass writer and composer. 10/10 times will break a drum stick.


Wyatt Beck


A northerner moved to CO. Way funkier than you. Won a golden Bass from the Devil in Chicago in a "Bass Off"



Greeley, CO


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